Welcome to the Spore Community Hub

Welcome, Sporians! This site was created by Kyle Nanakdewa, commonly known as SporeMaster DOGC_Kyle, from the Sporum.

Read on to learn what’s going on with the Spore community, and what this website’s all about.

Moving on from the Sporum

For those who are not aware, the Sporum was unfortunately shut down in August 2018, due to various security issues. EA set up a small forum on their Answers HQ website, however, it has failed to attract many players or content.

Before the Sporum shut down, I compiled a list of various Discord servers and other websites that already had an active Spore community. That list was originally posted here on the Sporum, and was also duplicated on this website. We also have a Discord server, which started out for Sporum Moderation, but now serves as an extension of this website on Discord.

New communities

This website is, to put very simply, a continuation and expansion of the list of communities. It serves to keep the entire Spore community alive and connected for the future. 

Many of the popular Spore Discord servers have partnered together. These include Sporechives, CRASH, Galactic Adventure Central, Project Multispore, Spore Modding Community, and Spore Creative Guild. You can already find links between several of the servers on Discord, and all of them are linked through this website. We are also in talks regarding tighter integration between servers – more to come on that soon.

I’m also going to try to post things like community news and contest news on this website – so this can be a one-stop place to see everything that’s going on in the Spore community.

The suggestion of a new Sporum has come up many times. While it is a popular idea, many of us have decided that Discord is simply a better means of communicating, than a forum. It is faster, versatile, works on a wide variety of devices, easy to manage, and optionally supports voice chat. Therefore, we have decided against running a forum.

Guides, articles, and archiving

While Discord is great for chat, it isn’t as suitable for long-form articles. As a result, this website will also be home to a wide variety of gameplay, editor, and technical documentation for Spore.

We also need to archive and/or migrate a lot of old content from the Sporum. 

Additionally, both as a precaution and a convenience, I am also trying to bring as much Spore content on this website as possible. This includes prototypes, prerelease content, concept art, developer notes, technical data – anything of interest that relates to Spore.

If you are interested in helping with any of these, please join our Discord. We welcome all assistance, and any content you may have.

This website

The site is very much a work-in-progress. You may notice broken pages, broken formatting, or just a general lack of content. If you run into any issues, or have suggestions, please ping me on the Discord.

You’ve probably noticed the address of this site – it’s actually on my personal website. Domains aren’t too expensive (it costs around a dollar a month), so I may move the site to its own domain at some point – I just set it up this way so I could get it up and running quickly.

Hosting is not an issue for me. Unless anything in my life changes drastically, I should be able to host this website reliably for at least a few years. It’s not costing much to run.

Other plans

I’ve got some massive plans for preserving, continuing, and expanding Spore’s online features. Because of the scale of these plans, it will be detailed in a separate blog post here.

That’s all for now… if you have any other questions, suggestions, or concerns, contact me on Discord or email me at spore(at)kylenanakdewa.com